About Us


​​​Chairman-Chris Dotson
As  Chairman, Chris is responsible for negotiating worldwide for CineView3D  Proprietary Technology. Chris comes from a musical background, with a  rich musical history. Chris started out in an all family music singing  group; "The Dotsons", all born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. The group  consisted of brothers Chester,  Jay, Tim, and Chris Dotson "Inc." founder lead singer and Platinum  selling songwriter producer. Chris is the father of multi-platinum  songwriter producer recording artist Chrishan Dotson. Chris is the founder and CEO of SoulRiver Records Corporation and (CDI) Chris Dotson Inc. SoulRiver is a record label/music production company. CDI is a multi  media marketing promotion corporation that encompasses a body of  companies which include: THE TOP a digital network system/platform that  connects you to THE TOP industry markets, social, media, topics or  whatever you are looking for LOCALLY, REGIONALLY, NATIONALLY, DIGITALLY,  or INTERNATIONALLY. Prior to launching CDI Chris was part of a company  which provided tour management, negotiated Corporate Sponsorship deals  on behalf of THE TOP artists in music, film, television, and Major  Fortune 500 companies. Chris Dotson Inc. offers a personalized approach  to the New World of Specialized Marketing/Promotion, Branding, and  Consulting. Transitioning with and into this social mobile phenomenon  Chris is spearheading the next Digital Network Revolution Portal- to  Search- to Social- THE TOP- CineView3D.

CEO-Stephen Scharren


Mr.  Stephen Scharren, serves as our Chief Executive Officer. He has been  working in the multimedia industry since he was a kid. An accomplished  musician, he has performed with his own musical group, “The Villagers”  for over 40 years. Mr. Scharren is a Grammy™ Nominated Audio Engineer  and has worked in the audio and video recording industry for decades,  with hundreds of movies and albums to his credit. Steve has spent most  of his life living and working in Toledo, Ohio, where he was the owner  of Scharren Multimedia Studios prior to relocating to Las Vegas, NV.