Presenting Cineview3D


Introducing our new  proprietary AI 2D-3D CONVERSION TECHNOLOGY. Imagine if you could  transfer/transform your film,TV show, music video and video games from  one extreme to another, Transformers meets Star Trek. Built from the  ground up, this internationally renown process is the only one like it  in the world, and it is stunning. CineView subsequently reintroducing  the music video to you in 3D through THE TOP 3DTV MUSIC VIDEO Network. 

Want a Sneak peek at cineveiw3D?


Listen to the Chris Dotson Inc. interview (Tune to: http://bit.ly/1kRstV3)with  Kelli Richards, CEO of the All Access Group,(or go to ITunes look up  Chris Dotson Inc.) as they discuss CineView3D's new 2D to 3D conversion  technology that will revolutionize film, TV, and the music video.